Do I qualify for a Contingency Retainer?

Cases that we take on contingency have the following characteristics:
• Clear liability – for instance, an email or writing demonstrating discrimination, or other liability.
• Jaw-dropping conduct by the employer or school – something well beyond the difficulties, even serious difficulties that people face. For an employment case, this might include significant sexual molestation, or a boss that says, “I generally don’t like pregnant women, so, you’re fired.”
• Clean work history – though not a requirement, most employment clients that we take on contingency have no prior history of problems at work.
• Significant damages – this means that you have lost your job, and you made a significant wage. And/or you suffer significant emotional distress as documented by health-care professional
Even if your case meets some or all of the above descriptions doesn’t guarantee we will offer contingency, as it also depends on the firm’s availability and current caseload.