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Unfortunately, workplace harassment is more common than many people realize, and it takes place in a variety of industries. Over time, persistent harassment can take a major psychological and emotional toll on an employee. It is illegal for business owners to harass or mistreat their employees, and those who engage in these behaviors could be held liable for their actions.

If you have been exposed to unlawful mistreatment at your job, a Falls Church workplace harassment lawyer could help you determine whether you may have any legal options at your disposal. It may even be possible for an aggrieved worker to obtain financial compensation with the advice of a skilled legal representative from the Spiggle Law Firm.

What is Harassment?

From a legal perspective, harassment which is based on an employee’s race, gender, age, disability, or any other protected characteristic would be considered illegal. Protected characteristics are defined by federal laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

State law also prohibits employers from creating difficult working conditions for a worker on the basis of their race, gender, age, etc. It is also illegal to harass an employee on the basis of their marital, military, disability, or pregnancy status.

Harassment is a commonly used term to describe any type of treatment that is unfair or unreasonably harsh. Harassment can be defined as conduct that is:

  • Unwelcome
  • Offensive
  • Intimidating
  • Threatening
  • Degrading
  • Insulting
  • Pervasive or severe enough to impact the professional performance of the victim

Harassment in the workplace should be reported to the proper department or manager as soon as it takes place, and it may be perpetrated by a single person or by a group.

Harassment can occur in the workplace in many ways, such as:

  • Inappropriate or offensive speech
  • Intimidation tactics
  • Personal humiliation
  • Isolation or ostracism
  • Intolerance

Sexual harassment is also pervasive in many workplaces. It occurs when an employee makes sexually inappropriate or offensive remarks or advances toward a coworker. Sexual harassment primarily affects women, but men can be victims thereof as well. Regardless of the type of harassment that was perpetrated against you at your job, a Falls Church attorney could help you hold your boss accountable for either participating in or allowing unlawful business practices.

Terms and Conditions of Employment

Harassment can also affect the terms and conditions of employment for the victim. If the perpetrator is a manager or an authority figure who has the ability to make job decisions, harassment may take the form of unwarranted disciplinary action, such as rejecting to promote, firing, or reassigning an employee.

A victim of harassment must show that their workplace is hostile in order to hold their employer accountable. With the assistance of a workplace harassment lawyer in Falls Church, it may be possible to prove this and recover compensation.

Speak with a Falls Church Workplace Harassment Attorney Today

Workplace harassment can be traumatizing, but you may have the right to take action to hold the perpetrator liable for their inappropriate behavior. No employee should have to worry about harassment from an employer. Call a Falls Church workplace harassment lawyer today for help with asserting your employment rights against your boss.