Falls Church Caregiver Discrimination Lawyer

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Caregiver discrimination can cause significant hardship to employees in Falls Church. Workers who must request time off to attend to family responsibilities should not be subjected to adverse employment action for doing so.

A Falls Church caregiver discrimination lawyer could help if your employer has mistreated you for caring for an ailing or elderly loved one. You could be eligible to receive compensation to offset your losses and other remedies as well. A skilled workplace discrimination attorney could review your case and help you achieve a fair outcome.

Recognizing Caregiver Discrimination

Both employees and employers may not understand when actions constitute unlawful discrimination against workers. Moreover, discrimination itself is not always overt and may be difficult to identify.

An example of how a Falls Church employer can discriminate against a caregiver is failing to hire an expectant mother on the basis of her pregnancy. Discrimination on the basis of an employee’s family responsibilities can also involve the denial of benefits and training opportunities, the assignment of less-desirable tasks, or an unexpectedly poor performance review.

Rights Provided by the FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires employers to provide unpaid leave in certain family situations, including the birth or adoption of a new child or to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition. Additionally, the FMLA prohibits business owners from retaliating against employees who enforce their rights under this law by requesting time off for family obligations. When a worker suffers from caregiver discrimination, a Falls Church attorney could help negotiate or fight for appropriate legal remedies.

What Legal Remedies Are Available?

Caregiver discrimination which takes place at work can be addressed in different ways, depending on the situation. In some cases, the best approach is to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Virginia Human Rights Commission. Either of these agencies may conduct an investigation and file a lawsuit seeking damages on behalf of an aggrieved employee.

Even when an agency conducts an investigation, if it is unable to negotiate a settlement, it may drop the matter and inform the worker that they have the right to file a claim in federal court. Depending on the laws involved in a particular case, a lawyer in Falls Church could help a worker file a family responsibilities discrimination suit in court without seeking administrative redress.

Workers who have been unlawfully subjected to adverse treatment for trying to fulfill their caregiver responsibilities could be entitled to receive compensation to offset their losses. They may also be entitled to specific relief such as reinstatement, benefits, a promotion, or other case-specific remedies.

Contact a Falls Church Caregiver Discrimination Attorney Today

Employees with family responsibilities should not have to choose between supporting their families and providing care when it is needed. Laws like the FMLA recognize this need to balance life with work. Employers, however, do not always understand their obligations under the law.

A Falls Church caregiver discrimination lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could help ensure that you receive fair treatment in the workplace. For a free consultation to learn more about your options, call our office today.