Falls Church Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

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Discrimination can happen in different ways, and unfortunately, it is still a major problem in many workplaces. Great strides have been made in terms of diversity in business, but there are still some employers who engage in discriminatory behavior when interacting with employees and applicants.

If you were subjected to discrimination at work or while applying for a job, you may be able to take legal action. All forms of discrimination are illegal in Falls Church, and no company or employer should be allowed to mistreat anyone. You should consider reaching out to a Falls Church workplace discrimination lawyer for help with initiating litigation against your boss.

Types of Discrimination in the Workplace

According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is illegal to discriminate against an employee on the basis of their race, nationality, military status, disability, and medical conditions. Employers who wrongfully terminate, refuse to hire, or fail to compensate an employee on the basis of one of these protected factors would be in violation of the Civil Rights Act and may be required to reimburse a claimant’s unpaid income or reinstate their employment.

Business owners are not allowed to publish advertisements or post job listings which indicate a preference for one group of individuals over another. If a company receives federal assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services, it is also forbidden from denying company-wide benefits to one employee as well as refusing to promote a qualified candidate based on who they are. In other words, treating an employee differently based on their color, nationality, or ethnicity would be in violation of federal law.

Sex-Based Discrimination

According to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, business owners may not discriminate against an employee on the basis of their sex. Employees of different sexes cannot be denied equal compensation for performing the same or similar work in the same establishment.

Sex discrimination has become less common over time, but it is still a problem in many workplaces. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to recognize without the advice and guidance of a Falls Church employer discrimination attorney.

Filing a Complaint

A workplace discrimination lawyer in Falls Church could help an aggrieved worker hold their employer accountable for discriminatory business practices. Before they can initiate a civil suit, employees must first file a formal complaint of discrimination through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

If the EEOC’s investigation does not yield a favorable outcome, it will give the claimant the right to sue their employer. Depending on the circumstances, victims of job discrimination may be entitled to:

  • Job reinstatement or promotion
  • Financial damages
  • Unpaid income
  • Legal fees
  • Injunctive relief

Talk to a Falls Church Workplace Discrimination Attorney Today

Discrimination can leave a lasting emotional impact on an employee. Fortunately, it may be possible for a worker who has been discriminated against to reclaim their career and get the justice they deserve.

Employers who discriminate their workers based on who they are should be held liable for their actions. Call a Falls Church workplace discrimination lawyer today for more information about your employment rights.