Fairfax County Federal Employment Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

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While discrimination can damage both your career and your future at your job, even laws prohibiting such behavior do not always prevent it from happening in workplaces throughout Fairfax County. Discrimination in employment practices happens in almost every field—even within the federal government.

Federal law provides several means for federal employees to fight discrimination at their jobs, and a Fairfax County federal employment workplace discrimination lawyer could work with you to take advantage of them. If you were denied a promotion, suffered mistreatment, or refused accommodation for a disability, an accomplished employment attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm could help you address the wrongs you have endured.

Compensation and Relief Provided in Federal Job Discrimination

When a federal employee demonstrates harm suffered due to discrimination at their job, there are various forms of relief they could receive. The types of compensation and other measures available vary depending on the type of discrimination and the degree of harm demonstrated.

The overall goal of this relief is to restore employees to the same position they would have enjoyed if the discrimination against them had not occurred. While it is not possible to erase all traces of wrongdoing, monetary compensation could account for mental anguish, suffering, inconvenience, and other effects. Wages lost, court costs, and attorney’s fees could also be compensated.

As a seasoned attorney could explain, an affected employee may also be entitled to equitable relief. This means the employee may be reinstated, hired, promoted, or provided with accommodations sought to perform the job. Injunctive relief may work to further prevent conditions that caused a hostile environment or other problems. Individuals are advised to speak with a federal employment workplace discrimination attorney in Fairfax County to learn what forms of compensation they may be entitled to.

Protections at Work for Government Employees

Multiple pieces of federal legislation, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, combine to protect nearly all employees from unlawful discrimination at their jobs based on protected factors. Unlawful practices in this regard may include failing to hire someone, discharging an employee, or otherwise depriving employees of opportunities based on a protected status.

It should be noted that federal employees are protected by additional legislation and executive orders that prohibit discrimination based on factors such as sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, or political affiliation. Federal employees also have further “whistleblower” protections which enable them to speak up about wrongful practices such as discrimination, illegal conduct, waste, and other matters without fear of retaliation. A Fairfax County lawyer could explain which protections that people under federal employment have to guard them against instances of workplace discrimination.

Work with an Experienced Fairfax County Federal Employment Workplace Discrimination Attorney

Federal employees have the advantage of added protections against workplace discrimination and have different methods for addressing concerns and seeking relief. In many instances, wrongs are addressed at the administrative level, and an employee may be involved in hearing at a federal agency rather than in a courtroom.

Even with multiple ways to seek relief available to you, it is usually beneficial to work with a Fairfax County federal employment workplace discrimination lawyer who understands the administrative and judicial procedures that help enforce federal laws. By serving as your advocate, the Spiggle Law Firm legal team could devise a strategy designed to fight for a favorable resolution in your unique case.

Bringing allegations of discrimination against an agency of the federal government can seem daunting. You should not fear acting upon your rights. For more information about addressing discrimination at your federal job, click here to schedule a free online case review.