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There are few things more upsetting than facing a problem in the workplace. Not only is work important to pay the bills and care for your family, but many people derive a sense of satisfaction and self-worth from their careers. When this is cast into doubt—whether because of unwelcome harassment, unfair pay, denied family leave, or other problems—the feeling of uncertainty can be devastating.

If you are experiencing problems at work that require legal action to address, a Fairfax employment lawyer could advise you about your rights and help you pursue enforcement of the laws that govern your workplace.

If you have questions regarding these or any other workplace issues, an employment lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could consult with you to assess what courses of action may be available for you:

  • Workplace discrimination and harassment
  • Violations of employment law, including wage theft, unpaid overtime, and independent contractor misclassification
  • Disability, military, and family medical leave
  • Severance agreements
  • Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements
  • Retaliation for “whistle-blowing”
  • Wrongful termination

Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment persists as a problem in the workplace. Each year, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) receives over 12,000 charges alleging sex-based harassment in employment.

Many different types of inappropriate workplace behavior can constitute sexual harassment. These fall into two broad categories: quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment harassment.

An example of quid pro quo harassment would be a manager who demands sexual favors in exchange for a job or a promotion. Hostile environment harassment can include sexual comments from coworkers or other unwelcome sex-based behavior that is severe or pervasive enough to affect working conditions.

An employer can be liable under the law for sexual harassment. In many instances, however, you must bring a charge of sexual harassment before a governmental administrative agency before taking a case to court. Unfortunately, sexual harassment cases can be difficult and time-consuming, so an employee facing harassment in work may benefit from getting the help of an experienced Fairfax employment lawyer.

Workplace Discrimination

Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination in employment on a variety of grounds. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 bars discrimination on the bases of sex, race, color, religion and national origin. Other federal laws provide protection based on age, disability, and pregnancy.

Additionally, the Virginia Human Rights Act makes it illegal to discriminate in employment because of disability, marital status, childbirth, pregnancy, sex, national origin, religion, color, or race. If you suspect you are facing discrimination in your Fairfax County workplace, a qualified employment attorney may be able to help.

Speak with a Fairfax Employment Attorney Today

Workplace problems can be confusing and upsetting. In some instances, you may simply need guidance about the law or informal negotiation with the employer. In others, litigation before a court or government agency may be called for, and you may need support from a seasoned legal advocate ready to go to battle and see your case through to a positive result.

Our attorneys have experience in all of these areas and could work hard to help you make sense of the many laws that control the workplace and address your workplace issue in the appropriate manner. For all your workplace legal needs, a Fairfax employment lawyer could give you appropriate and practical guidance. Contact the Spiggle Law Firm today for a consultation.