Comstock Magazine: Tricky Moves’s-Changing Regulations and Confusing Compliance Metrics have HR Managers Tied up in Knots

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workplace protectionFebruary 14, 2017

As much of the nation wonders what will happen under a Trump administration, California, in some ways, might be less affected than the average state. “California is already more progressive when it comes to family leave issues,” says Tom Spiggle, an attorney who specializes in employee benefits. “Because California is on the generous side, it might be that businesses are not affected by what happens on the federal level — they certainly would have been if Hillary Clinton was elected; she supported paid leave of 12 weeks.” During his campaign, President Donald Trump promised six weeks of paid maternity leave and to incentivize employers who provide childcare. (As of now, California grants up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off and six weeks of partially-paid time off, or technically 55 percent of your wages, with a weekly cap of $1,173.)

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