The Potential Effects of Bill O’Reilly’s Firing on Working Women

In the News, Sexual Harassment

A little over a year ago, Fox News lost two of its top leaders, host Bill O’Reilly and founder Roger Ailes. Both men were fired over sexual harassment accusations. This was a great victory for women working at Fox News, but many other women are still facing similar adversity in other companies.

There are several reasons why women are hesitant to report sexual harassment. Some women fear they will face retribution if they report on their superior. Some businesses do not have a human resource department, so there is no one to address the issue. Other women are simply hesitant to even address the problem and choose to try simply moving on with their lives.

Experienced sexual harassment attorneys recommend pursuing legal cases rather than confronting the alleged abuser or ignoring the problem all together. If faced with sexual harassment, women should do the following:

  • Report the inappropriate behavior to their company
  • Get an attorney
  • Do not jump to the worst conclusion, because many settlements end in a favorable outcome which will not destroy your career

Sexual harassment is an agonizing issue for anyone to face, but there are options for victims to gain justice, and a sexual harassment attorney can help find the best resolution. If you would like to read more about best practices to dealing with sexual harassment, this article by Tom Spiggle of the Spiggle Law Firm may be helpful.