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Many Federal Employees Must Now Report Cryptocurrency Assets

Cryptocurrency is a new technology that allows individuals to collect units of currency and transfer funds without the use of a central bank. While relatively new, there is no doubt cryptocurrency can be considered assets, as it holds value. The...

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The Effect of President Trump’s Recent Executive Orders on Federal Workers
In the News

Executive orders issued from the President of the United States have the force of law and are binding on federal agencies. In some instances, they can have a significant effect on the labor rights of federal employees. President Trump recently...

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DC Voters Say Yes to Raising the Tipped Minimum Wage
Minimum Wage, Wage and Hour

As a worker, you understand that you get paid for the work you do. You also understand that no matter what, you should receive a minimum amount of compensation for your labor. But what this minimum amount adds up to...

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I Got Fired Ep. 10 (Transcript)

Tom: Welcome to the “I Got Fired” show, for folks who have been fired or afraid that they might be. I’m Tom Spiggle with The Spiggle Law Firm, and today we are gonna continue our series for federal sector employees....

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