The Huffington Post: North Carolina’s New Anti-LGBT Law is Senseless — And Sinister

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April 1, 2016

It’s easy to ridicule North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law, but it’s actually very disturbing. The idea that Tar Heel politicians felt such an urgent need to start policing bathrooms that they held an emergency session inspires mockery, not fear.

But the law, passed with little review late last month, has a sinister side as well.

As a native of North Carolina, a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and a lawyer with a license to practice in the Tar Heel state, I’ve watched this debate unfold with feelings ranging from dark humor to serious concern.

After reviewing the new House Bill 2 for a few days—longer than the lawmakers who voted for it and Gov. Pat McCrory, who signed it—here are five grave concerns I have about the law.

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