LinkedIn: Sharing a List of Sexual Harassers? You Could Get in Legal Trouble

Sexual Harassment

December 20, 2017

Serial sexual harassers are able to get away with it because potential victims often don’t realize they are at risk. Consider disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who used non-disclosure agreements to silence his victims.

But a signed contract isn’t the only thing that can keep a victim quiet. They may also decide not to speak out because of a fear of retaliation (from the accused, an employer, the media, the general public, etc.), embarrassment, not being believed, getting labeled as a troublemaker and so on.

That’s begun to change, as a wave of women have decided to speak out and publicly identify sexual harassers, in some cases even compiling semi-public lists of names. But there are some legal risks in this approach that people should be aware of before they start.

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