The JD Journal: How to Handle Sexual Harassment at Law Firms

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November 23, 2016

History of The Spiggle Law FirmWhat to do if you are being harassed? Tom Spiggle, founder of Spiggle Law Firm, told Forbes that there was a series of actions people can do if they’re being sexually harassed at work.

1. Talk to an experienced sexual harassment lawyer. 

Spiggle said that one obstacle women encounter when meeting with Human Resources is that HR either doesn’t take their claim seriously or their interest is to protect the company, not the victim. He said it is best for people who are being harassed at work to consult with an attorney, who will be able to provide advice and keep the conversation confidential.

2. Consider secretly recording your boss.

This bit only works if you live in a one-party state, and Spiggle recommends talking with an attorney first before you actually make any recordings. However, he recommends documenting the harassment because proof is better than just a verbal accusation. Therefore if you live in a two-party state, then at least write down specific instances of harassment and keep emails or other types of proof of suggestive behavior.

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