Getting a New Job? Watch Out for These Red Flags of Possible Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

With all the talk surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace, many people are realizing that it is more deeply engrained into our culture than we might want to admit. Therefore, it is important to understand a company’s culture before committing to an employment offer. Here are some warning signs a prospective employee should look for:


  1. There are reported cases of sexual harassment at the company or publicized by the media.
  2. The company policy shows that it does not take harassment seriously.
  3. The company has a poor attitude towards sexual harassment
  4. The company does not have a human resources department
  5. Other obvious danger signs, like CEO or a manager tells inappropriate jokes.

Sexual harassment is a deeply rooted issue and it is not something most people are comfortable asking about, especially when they are new to a job and still learning the ropes. Every case of sexual harassment is unlike any other and it is difficult to completely protect yourself, but there are red flags to look out for. This article by sexual harassment attorney Tom Spiggle of the Spiggle Law Firm goes into greater details about potential warning signs of sexual harassment.