Salon: I Was a Federal Prosecutor. Here’s Why President Trump is so Wrong About Our “Archaic” Political System

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government contractorMay 2, 2017

In an attempt to deflect from the failures and delays of his first 100 days, President Donald Trump over the weekend called the rules governing Congress “a very, very bureaucratic system” that is “unbelievably archaic and slow-moving.” It was the latest signal from Trump that he does not respect our constitutional system of checks and balances. In previous interviews, he’s also blasted the news media, the peaceable assembly of protesters and independent judges. As a former federal prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and now a civil rights lawyer, I’d like to note that Trump is right that our system of government is “bureaucratic” and “slow-moving.” He’s also correct in noting that the media can be combative and that many judges are “unelected.”


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