Facts, Fiction, and Myths About Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual Harassment

News stories about assault and harassment victims exposing serial sexual harassers like Harvey Weinstein have been covered in major media sources all over the world. The career-threatening backlash that many of these accused parties now face serves as a warning to others. However, the stories in the media can be easily misinterpreted and can cause confusion surrounding the topic of sexual harassment.

For example, a particularly common sexual harassment myth is that a victim cannot win because their employer has more money, or that suing would prevent them from ever being able to work in their industry. Some also believe that the only thing they can do is hire a lawyer.

All cases of sexual harassment are different, so it is generally unwise to make any assumptions about the incident and the potential outcome. Sexual harassment is already a difficult subject to address, but that is another reason why it is essential to understand the true facts. To learn more about how to dispel sexual harassment myths, please read this article by sexual harassment attorney Tom Spiggle from the Spiggle Law Firm.