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The Society for Human Resources Management: 7 Myths About National Origin Discrimination
Age Discrimination, In the News, Race Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, Surviving Workplace Investigations

January 26, 2017 Common National Origin Discimination Myths Myth: Conducting an investigation when allegations of a hostile work environment are made will insulate the company from liability. Fact: Claims still may be brought despite investigations, noted Tom Spiggle, founder of The Spiggle...

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The Huffington Post: North Carolina’s New Anti-LGBT Law is Senseless — And Sinister
In the News, Pregnancy Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

April 1, 2016 It’s easy to ridicule North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law, but it’s actually very disturbing. The idea that Tar Heel politicians felt such an urgent need to start policing bathrooms that they held an emergency session inspires mockery,...

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