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Should I Tell My Employer That I’m Disabled?

If you’re an employee with a disability, trust can be a huge issue. If you tell someone about it, who else will know? Might you suffer as a result? If you need an accommodation to your disability for you to...

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Jury Awards $7.13 Million to Former L.A. Times Sports Writer Due to Age and Disability Discrimination
ADA, Age Discrimination, Disability Rights

T.J. Simers was a sports reporter and columnist for the Los Angeles Times from 1990 to 2013, when he was constructively discharged. Over the years, he probably wrote about many home runs, but in a Los Angeles courtroom, it was...

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Court Finds Pregnancy-Neutral Policy Could Still Be Discriminatory
ADA, Pregnancy Discrimination

If your employer has a policy that requires all pregnant employees to take unpaid leave for the duration of their pregnancy, regardless of whether they want to, your employer is probably engaged in illegal discrimination and in violation of the...

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EEOC Sues Employer for Failing to Accommodate Pregnant Employee
ADA, Pregnancy Discrimination, Sex Discrimination

The pregnancy discrimination landscape has been forever changed, ever since the United States Supreme Court decided Young v. United Parcel Service, Inc. In Young, the Supreme Court told employers that they had to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees, unless they...

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How the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and Americans With Disabilities Act Interact and Affect Pregnant Employees
ADA, Disability Rights, Pregnancy Discrimination

Are you a pregnant employee who is being treated differently at work because you’re pregnant? Or maybe you’ve had complications with your pregnancy such that it makes it difficult or impossible to continue working without your employer making accommodations for...

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How Do You Cast Doubt on the Employer’s Reasons for Its Actions Against You?
ADA, Litigation

To establish a successful discrimination case, a plaintiff must take several steps. Antidiscrimination law presents a number of issues that must be proven before a case is decided in the plaintiff’s favor. Case in point: a Texas’ woman’s Americans with...

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Workplace Rights for Those Suffering From Infertility
ADA, Family, Medical, and Other Leave Discrimination, Sex Discrimination

We’ve discussed the rights and protections of employees in the workplace based on sex, pregnancy, the need to care for a loved one, etc. But what about employees who seek treatment for infertility? Do the laws that provide the previously...

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Happy Birthday, ADA!
ADA, Disability Rights

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law by George H. W. Bush 25 years ago, on July 26, 1990. For many people, it was just another day, but it was a very different day for those with...

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This Week in Family Responsibilities Discrimination
ADA, Article Roundup, Caregiver Discrimination, Family Responsibilities Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, Retaliation

This week in family responsibilities discrimination, there was a lot of coverage of legislative efforts—both federal and state—to protect women from employment discrimination. There were also articles about insurance and paid leave as well as discussions about interesting pregnancy discrimination...

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How to Protect Yourself If Chronic Sleep Deprivation Is Affecting Your Job – Part 2

I’m exhausted at work and reaching my limit. Should I quit? Are you operating in the red zone at work because you are always exhausted? Unable to continue, should you quit or risk being fired? Your choices may not be...

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