DC Workplace Harassment Lawyer

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Your employment situation is likely an integral part of your life, considering the significant amount of time that you spend at work during any given week. If those hours are marked by ongoing harassment and negative interactions, it could be important for you to know that you are not without options.

Several state and federal laws are specifically written to provide essential safeguards against this type of conduct. A Washington DC workplace harassment lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could help you pursue appropriate remedies and fair compensation for any illegal harassment you experience at work.

Key Facts About Harassment in the Workplace

On-the-job harassment is often defined as unwelcome conduct that is demonstrably connected to the victim’s color, race, gender, religious affiliation, national origin, disability. If you are over 40 years old, harassment based on your age is also prohibited under federal law.

In order to constitute actionable harassment, the conduct in question must be of a subjectively abusive nature, as well as objectively pervasive and serious enough to produce a working environment that reasonable people would designate as hostile. Alternatively, it may involve a quid pro quo scenario which threatens your employment status.

Not surprisingly, determinations related to whether actions rise to the level of unlawful harassment are typically fact-intensive undertakings, but some important considerations can include:

  • The frequency of the conduct
  • The degree of severity involved
  • Whether actual threats or humiliation took place
  • The effects on your psychological health as the targeted employee
  • Whether the harassment disrupted your performance of job duties
  • The organizational position of your alleged harasser

Common Workplace Harassment Scenarios

Harassment during employment can take many forms, though some of the most common include the use of intimidating language, the telling of jokes, the use of slurs and/or verbal threats, and physically assaultive behavior. The display of offensive or insensitive materials in plain sight is another way in which workplace harassment often occurs.

Employers are also prohibited from making your continued employment, promotions, or other benefits contingent upon their acceptance of or acquiescence to harassment of the types described above.

It is important to recognize that an isolated incident or a minor lapse in civility by a work colleague will generally not be deemed unlawful harassment. Illegal conduct in this realm must be found to be serious, pervasive, and unreasonable because of the hostile environment that results.

Potential Workplace Harassers

A common misconception concerning workplace harassment is that it must be committed by a supervisor or someone in the management ranks in order to qualify as such. Actually, it is possible for illegal harassment to be committed by your peers at work, or even by non-employees such as guests, contractors, or vendors. Furthermore, a claim of hostile work environment harassment can be lodged not just by the target of the abuse, but also by anyone adversely affected by it.

How a DC Workplace Harassment Attorney Could Help

Harassment claims are inevitably sensitive matters that often place complainants in fear of retaliation from angry employers. With help from the Spiggle Law Firm, however, you could investigate the facts and aggressively assert your right to fair treatment while on the job.

If you experienced unlawful treatment on the job and wish to determine what remedies the law provides, a Washington DC workplace harassment lawyer is available to hear your story. A successful plaintiff in a harassment case may be able to obtain payment of back wages, an injunction against responsible parties, reinstatement of a lost position, payment of medical and/or therapy expenses incurred, punitive damages, and legal fees, so click here for a free online case review to get started on yours.