Washington DC Veterans’ Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

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Members of the US military have a right to resume their previous work responsibilities after they return from active duty service or training. Unfortunately, some employers fail to honor the employment rights of servicemembers and can be held liable for doing so.

If you were discriminated against on the basis of your veteran status, you may be entitled to compensation for your ordeal. A dedicated workplace discrimination attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm could also help you get reinstated to your previous position.

Employer discrimination against veterans is not only wrong but also illegal. Get in touch with a Washington DC veterans’ workplace discrimination lawyer to begin fighting for your employment rights.

What is USERRA and Who Does it Protect?

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, also referred to as USERRA, provides various employment protections to members of the armed forces. The Act allows servicemembers to resume their jobs after being absent for military service or training, and employers must allow qualifying workers to reclaim their previous positions and salaries. If an employee was on the verge of receiving a promotion, they must be offered the same opportunity upon their return.

USERRA also protects those who are absent from the job for more than 180 days from being fired without just cause. If a member of the armed forces believes their USERRA rights were violated, they may file a claim in court with the help of a Washington DC veterans’ workplace mistreatment attorney. Former servicemembers also have a right to file a claim with the Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS). However, they may not do both and must choose one or the other.

Servicemembers who meet certain criteria are protected under USERRA. For example, an employed veteran may qualify for legal protections as long as:

  • They have been absent from employment due to active service for more than 30 days
  • The length of the nonexempt periods of active service during the employer-employee relationship has not exceeded five years
  • They have been discharged under honorable conditions
  • They reported to their place of employment in a timely manner following the completion of their service, if applicable
  • Written or oral notice was given to an employer if possible

Forms of Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination often takes the form of employer retaliation, which can be discreet and difficult to identify. However, when multiple supervisors or employees engage in retaliatory behavior, it can become nearly impossible to ignore. Depending on the situation, employers may display the following behaviors when attempting to retaliate against an employed veteran:

  • Ostracization or giving the “cold shoulder”
  • Demotions or cutting pay for no reason
  • Refusal to give them the same resources as others
  • Giving negative evaluations without just cause
  • Being overtly rude or verbally abusive

When a company engages in retaliatory behavior, it can be held liable by both the government and the person being retaliated against.

Discuss Your Case with a Washington DC Veterans’ Workplace Discrimination Attorney

Workplace discrimination against veterans is more common than many people realize. After serving your country, you deserve the right to resume your career and earn the salary you are entitled to.

If a company has discriminated against you on the basis of your military status, you should take legal action before it is too late with the help of a qualified legal representative from the Spiggle Law Firm. Discuss your case with a Washington DC veterans’ workplace discrimination lawyer as soon as possible. Also, click here to check out our free case assessment calculator.