DC Family Responsibilities Discrimination Lawyer 

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Both federal and Washington DC laws require employers to provide leave to employees under specific circumstances. In addition, employers cannot deny a valid leave request due to your age, gender, or being a member of any other protected class.

All workers who meet the requirements for leave are entitled to it, no matter their supervisor’s opinions on the matter. Unfortunately, many workplaces refuse to adhere to this law. Any act of discrimination that affects a person’s leave request is illegal.

The Spiggle Law Firm may be able to help if you have your leave request illegally denied. A DC family responsibilities discrimination lawyer from our firm could work with you to evaluate the actions of your employer, analyze your leave request, and seek appropriate remedies from the appropriate government sources. A qualified workplace discrimination attorney could advocate for you.

Which Laws Govern Leave Requests?

The Family Medical Leave Act (FLMA) is the federal law that establishes the rights of certain employees to take leave. However, these rights only apply to certain employees under certain circumstances. Only people who work at companies with no fewer than 50 employees can take advantage of this program.

Additionally, you must have been at the same company for at least one year prior to making a request for leave. During this year, you must have worked for no fewer than 1,250 hours. If granted, this leave cannot exceed 12 weeks in a calendar year.

If you meet all the above criteria and request leave from work due to any of the following circumstances, your employer cannot legally deny your leave request:

  • To recover from a personal illness or injury
  • To give birth to a child and raise that child
  • To care for a sick or injured child, spouse, or parent

A Washington DC family responsibilities discrimination lawyer could protect an individual’s rights.

How Could Discrimination Affect a Leave Request?

An employer cannot discriminate against any employee who requests leave in the District of Columbia for any reason. This means that, among many other possibilities, an employer cannot argue that a man should not take time off for the birth of a child, that a young worker cannot leave their job to care for an ailing parent, or that older workers will never return if they are allowed to take time off to recover from an injury.

One common source of discrimination concerns caregiver rights. This includes your right to take unpaid leave to care for any family member who needs help. To that end, an employer cannot deny leave by stating that such an action is women’s work or because older workers should have enough money to hire an in-home worker.

A Washington DC Family Responsibilities Discrimination Attorney May be Able to Help

Any attempt to refuse a leave attempt that is otherwise valid due to your age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is a violation of both United States and DC law. If you experience this kind of discrimination, you have the option to file complaints with both the DC Office of Human Rights and the United States Department of Labor.

A DC family responsibilities discrimination lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could help you determine if your leave denial was illegal and pursue a remedy from the agency that provides the best chance of success. Click here for a preliminary consultation to get started on your case. Do you want to know how much your case may be worth? Click here to use our free online Case Assessment Calculator.