DC Wage Dispute Lawyer

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There is a variety of actions that might lead to a wage dispute in Washington DC such as not paying wages owed, underpaying the employee, and paying them late. In DC, the term “wage” in the wage laws is broadly defined, and it includes salaries, commissions, fringe benefits, bonus pay, and even accrued unused paid time off. A skilled DC attorney at Spiggle Law would be familiar with the ins and outs of wage dispute cases and could help you recover unpaid wages. Call a DC wage dispute lawyer today.

How Often are Employees Supposed to be Paid?

The law requires workers to be paid at least twice a month, although certain workers in the administrative, executive, and professional classes can be paid once a month. If an employee is fired, the law requires that they are paid at the next regularly scheduled pay point or within seven days, whichever is earlier. If you were not paid when you were supposed to be, reach out to a dedicated wage disputes lawyer in Washington DC.

Overtime Eligible DC Workers

The overtime requirement is part of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act as well as part of DC’s own wage law, the DC Minimum Wage Revision Act. Both of these laws allow for several exemptions. For example, the executive exemption exempts workers who have supervisory duties and are in management, and it exempts highly skilled professionals who often have advanced degrees. Each exemption has a multifactor test to determine whether an employee fits within it.

Sometimes, it is clear that an employee falls inside or outside of an exemption, but it also can be a tricky issue, which is why it is advisable to talk to a DC attorney who has experience with wage disputes about the exemptions. Some people have a title of manager, but the law looks at their actual duties and asks whether the person is doing enough managing and supervising to qualify for an executive exemption.

Hourly Jobs vs. Salary Jobs

The DC Wage Payment and Collections law says employers must pay employees all of the wages they are promised and owed, and this is the same whether they are salaried or hourly. It is easier for an employee to be exempt if they are paid on a salary basis, though. If they are paid hourly, it is more likely that they are entitled to the overtime and minimum-wage protections of the law. For more information, consult with a DC wage disputes attorney.

Processing a DC Wage Dispute Case

An experienced DC attorney could help settle a wage dispute by attempting to negotiate a settlement with the employer on behalf of the employee, or alternatively, they could sue. If a lawsuit takes place, an employee can recover unpaid wages and attorney’s fees after a successful DC wage dispute case. They could also receive liquidated damages up to three times the amount of the unpaid wages. For example, if an employee did not get their last paycheck, they can recover that amount through a lawsuit, plus the court can potentially award an additional three times that amount.

Call a DC Wage Dispute Attorney Today

If you are suspicious of your employer unlawfully shortening your pay, schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. A DC wage dispute lawyer will have the necessary experience and knowledge to help you seek compensation. Call us today to learn more about how we could help solve your wage dispute. Also, check out our free case assessment calculator.