Washington D.C. Severance Agreements Lawyer

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Leaving your current job may or may not be your decision. Whatever the terms of your departure, if you are offered a severance agreement, you must decide whether to sign the contract. Our Washington D.C. severance agreements lawyers have counseled many employees through the terms of their severance agreements.

At The Spiggle Law Firm, our capable employment attorneys not only review severance agreements meticulously but often negotiate with your employer to seek more favorable terms for you. We can alert you to any provisions in the proposed agreement that could potentially harm you and help you work toward an agreement that is fair and beneficial to you and your future.

Benefits of a Severance Agreement

The concept behind a severance agreement, like other contracts, is that each party receives something of value in exchange for entering into the agreement. Typically, the employer derives a benefit from a severance agreement by requiring the employee to agree to waive their right to sue the employer.

The agreement may also contain terms that restrict a former employee’s ability to compete with or solicit business from the employer. Many employers also offer them to provide benefits to an employee who needs to be let go for reasons beyond the employer’s control or to encourage resignation and retirement.

In exchange for agreeing to such terms, the employee usually receives a cash payment or other benefits. Payments may come in the form of a one-time lump sum payment or may be paid out in installments over an established period of time. Offers will vary in every circumstance but are usually negotiable. D.C. severance codes determine the exact terms and qualifications for severance pay.

When a Severance Agreement is Necessary

If the terms of severance were not already included in an existing employment contract, a severance agreement serves to provide some structure to an employee’s departure. With an employment contract that establishes severance pay, severance agreements are generally not required.

Discrimination Claims or Termination

If an employee is terminated based on a legally protected characteristic such as age, race, color sex, gender, disability religion, or national origin, this amounts to wrongful termination under federal anti-discrimination statutes. Under Washington D.C. law, there are additional protections that extend to characteristics including marital status, personal appearance, political affiliation, and gender identity (D.C. Human Rights Act of 1977).

An employer may be well aware that an employee has been or is discriminated against at work. To limit the chance of a potential discrimination claim, employers may have employees sign a severance agreement that provides the employee with a financial benefit in exchange for a waiver and release of all claims against them.

Taking Caution When Signing Severance Agreements

Be careful when asked to waive any right before consulting with a Washington D.C. severance agreements lawyer. Signing a severance agreement could have substantial consequences. While it may be in your best interest to sign a severance agreement, a greater benefit may be available if you forego the package and pursue a claim.

An experienced attorney may be able to evaluate the merits of your severance agreement or potential claim and provide guidance on the best course of action. Every case varies, so it is important to seek individualized counsel from a D.C. severance agreements lawyer to meet your needs and goals.

Consulting with a Washington D.C. Severance Agreements Attorney

Whenever you are let go from a job, it is advantageous to talk to local attorneys about the circumstances surrounding your departure. Our Washington D.C. severance agreements lawyers are available to provide advice on the pros and cons of signing a severance agreement and negotiate on your behalf.

We help you pursue positive outcomes while retaining your rights. We help both federal and private employees, so consult with one of our D.C. severance agreement lawyers at The Spiggle Law Firm today. You can use our free online review here or if calculate your potential discriminatory severance claim here. We can help you take your next steps with a peace of mind.