DC Minimum Wage Violations Lawyer

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Employers are required to adhere to specific federal laws when paying their employees. Washington DC workers can expect fair wages and protections under both federal and local laws, but employers do not always pay responsibly. If you are suspicious of your employer underpaying you or discrediting your hours worked, call a DC minimum wage violations lawyer to help you examine the details of your case. A skilled employment attorney at Spiggle Law may be able to identify discrepancies regarding your wage rights.

Common Minimum Wage Violations in DC

The most common minimum wage violation in DC happens when an employee is not paid for all the hours they worked. For example, it sometimes happens that an employer fires an employee, or an employee quits, and they do not get paid for their last week or so at work. Because the employer figures it no longer needs to give the employee an incentive to do the job, they stop paying them.

Other common occurrences are when an employer may not give credit for all the hours the employee worked. That can happen when an employee works during their break time, or they are not credited for all the hours they worked.

Protections for Hourly Workers

Federal law requires that an employee is paid at least $7.25 per hour, and they are entitled to overtime for every hour over 40 in one week at the rate of time and a half. The minimum wage in DC is $13.25 an hour and is to rise to $14 per hour on July 1, 2019.

A person has two legal resources in DC if they are not paid the minimum wage. One is to sue under the federal Fair Labors Standards Act, another under the DC Minimum Wage Act Revision, which gives the person a right to a higher minimum wage. For more information, consult with a knowledgeable wage violations lawyer in DC.

Compensation for Minimum Wage Violation Suits in DC

A successful minimum-wage violation suit in DC could recover the amount of unpaid wages or the difference between what they are paid and what they should have been paid. On top of that, they could recover liquidated damages equal to three times the amount of the unpaid or the underpaid wages, plus attorney’s fees.

DC Minimum Wage Exemptions

Employees can be exempt from the minimum wage law under certain circumstances that are identified in the law, but it is a complicated issue that depends mainly on the duties of their job and how much they are paid. A professional exemption applies to workers with advanced knowledge, often with specialized degrees. There is an administrative exemption that applies to workers who have managerial duties or are involved in the business operation of the employer. For example, the executive exemption could apply to workers who supervise and manage other employees as part of their duties.

Exemptions from the DC minimum wage law are based on the individual employees and not on the fields and organizations in which their jobs are involved, but most businesses or employers are subject to the law. The Fair Labors Standards Act may not cover smaller businesses, but if they are in business in DC, they are likely subject to the DC wage law.

Call a DC Minimum Wage Violations Attorney Today

If you believe that your employer is not following federal or DC laws regarding your paycheck, call our experienced attorneys at Spiggle Law. A DC minimum wage violations lawyer may be able to help you determine if your employer has violated any wage laws, so schedule a consultation today. Call today and also check out our free case review.