DC Federal Employee Wrongful Suspension / Termination Lawyer

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If you are a federal employee facing a possible disciplinary action, do not try to handle your defense alone. A wrongful suspension or termination can be devastating to your federal government career—and more to the point, a qualified federal employment attorney could advise you about various rights and protections that federal laws and regulations may provide to you.

There is no shame in seeking legal help, especially when your job and career future is potentially on the line. Getting advice from a DC federal employee wrongful suspension/termination lawyer early in the process can be important to preserving valuable appeal rights and making sure that the government “plays by the book” when it takes disciplinary action against you.

Federal Employee Rights

In order to prevent federal government employers from taking wrongful, arbitrary, abusive, or politically motivated employment actions, the Civil Service Reform Act guarantees certain due process rights to federal employees. This law also establishes a formal way to review adverse employment actions such as termination, suspension, or demotion in the form of the Merit System Protection Board (MSPB).

The MSPB is a quasi-judicial body charged with protecting the merit system that hears appeals of employees facing adverse actions. Legal representation from a DC federal employee wrongful suspension lawyer may be key to presenting a strong and effective case before the MSPB.

As a federal employee, your due process rights include:

  • Specific rights during the investigation of alleged misconduct, whether criminal or non-criminal
  • Receiving advance notice of proposed discipline or removal
  • A chance to respond to potential discipline
  • Fair opportunity to contest an adverse action in an MSPB hearing
  • The right to appeal an MSPB hearing judge’s unfavorable decision

If you believe you are facing potential termination, demotion, or suspension for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons, you may want to pursue an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) claim. An experienced wrongful termination lawyer in DC who specializes in working with federal employees could advise you about possible EEO claims and assist with initiating and developing the case, when appropriate.

Speaking with a DC Wrongful Suspension/Termination Attorney

Undergoing a possible termination or suspension can be a stressful and difficult situation for federal employees in Washington DC. Having a dedicated lawyer at your side can be important at all stages of the merit system process, from the initial investigation through MSPB hearings and appeals in federal court.

A seasoned DC federal employee wrongful suspension lawyer understands what federal employees are up against when they are facing investigation for alleged performance or conduct issues. As a result, they are often uniquely qualified to help you understand and defend against government tactics. By working with your attorney, you may be able to minimize the impact that a disciplinary proceeding may have on your career.

At the Spiggle Law Firm, we focus on helping federal employees of types resolve their legal concerns and regularly assist with termination and suspension cases for all levels of employees in many of the federal agencies in the DC area. To see how we can help in your specific circumstances, click here to use our online case review tool free of charge.