DC Age Discrimination Lawyer

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Although Washington DC is not a state, the district is still governed by laws that provide additional protections than those given by the United States government. One major way that this dynamic may affect you is in employment law.

Employers in the United States cannot discriminate against their employees or prospective employees in any way for reasons concerning age. Washington DC laws expand upon the minimum protections provided by federal statute to include all workers.

Still, many workplaces are either not aware of these rules or deliberately choose to ignore them. If this happens at your workplace, your employer is violating the law and you could file a complaint demanding a remedy. A DC age discrimination lawyer may be able to help by working to determine if such actions rise to the level of age discrimination and, if so, to seek a remedy using appropriate strategies and the full capabilities of the Spiggle Law Firm legal team.

Laws Against Ageism in the Workplace

The main federal law that prohibits age discrimination is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). However, this law only applies to companies that have 20 or more employees. Furthermore, it only forbids age discrimination against employees who are 40 years of age or older.

Therefore, it is perfectly legal under federal law for small companies to refuse to hire workers who are above 40, or for companies of any size to cite youth as a reason to fire someone. However, while states and territories may not pass laws that reduce workers’ rights, they can enact statutes that expand upon employee rights.

Washington DC is a prime example of this. D.C. Code §2-1402.11 states that no employer, regardless of size, can discriminate in any way against a worker no matter how old they are. Therefore, you are far more protected as an employee in Washington DC than many others around the country.

Pursuing Remedies for Washington DC Workers

The Washington DC Office of Human Rights (OHR) is dedicated to the investigation and eradication of all instances of discrimination in public and private life in the District. This includes taking action to remedy instances of age discrimination in the workplace.

If you feel you experienced age discrimination in the workplace, you could file a complaint with the OHR, provided you do so within one year of the alleged act of discrimination. The OHR has the power to investigate a claim, order both parties to take part in mediation, and even issue rulings ordering relief.

You may also seek relief directly from the federal government. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has similar powers to the DC OHR to investigate allegations of age discrimination in the workplace, but it can only do so if the federal law applies.

A Washington DC age discrimination lawyer could help you choose the option for relief that is best for you. It should be noted, however, that federal employees in the District of Columbia must file a complaint with the federal government, which means filing with the EEOC may be their only source of a remedy.

How a DC Age Discrimination Attorney Could Help

No person should be forced to deal with age discrimination in the workplace, and fortunately both federal laws and statutes in the District provide protections to workers that prevent these acts. In fact, Washington DC’s laws prohibiting discrimination are among the most powerful in the country.

The laws also provide a powerful means for employees to file complaints and demand compensation, and a Washington DC age discrimination lawyer could help people to obtain these remedies. There is a limited time to file a complaint, so do not hesitate—click here for a free online case review. To find out how much your case may be worth, click here to use our Case Assessment Calculator.