Charlottesville Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

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Employees should be rewarded for bringing attention to unlawful employment practices in the workplace. In fact, federal law prohibits employers from retaliating against employees for exercising their protected rights, cooperating with investigations, and blowing the whistle on discrimination or other unlawful employment practices.

However, many Charlottesville business owners retaliate against workers for reporting illegal behavior taking place within the company. If you were exposed to illegal employer retaliation on the job, consider reaching out to an experienced employment law attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm. A Charlottesville workplace retaliation lawyer could review your situation, explain your options, and fight to help you reach a favorable outcome.

Protected Employment Activities

Employers are not allowed to punish workers when they engage in protected activities. For example, some protected employment activities include:

  • Taking or requesting family or medical leave
  • Cooperating with an investigation into unlawful business practices
  • Filing a complaint of discrimination or other violations
  • Reporting dangerous or illegal conditions
  • Requesting reasonable accommodations
  • Serving as a witness in an investigation

Workplace retaliation could entail discharging an employee, denying trainings, inexplicably shortening hours, decreasing pay, and denying promotions. A Charlottesville employer retaliation attorney could evaluate your employer’s behavior to determine whether their disciplinary action infringed on your ability to exercise your employment rights.

Legal Remedies for Workplace Retaliation

Workers who have been subjected to illegal workplace retaliation may be entitled to various forms of legal relief. If the retaliation resulted in economic losses, an employee could receive compensation with the help of a qualified and driven attorney to make up for their lost wages and benefits.

In some cases, a workplace retaliation lawyer in Charlottesville could work to obtain specific equitable remedies. For instance, an employee who was wrongfully discharged could be reinstated, or a worker who was denied a promotion might be moved to a position equivalent to the one that they were denied.

Speak with a Charlottesville Workplace Retaliation Attorney Today

Employees facing unlawful retaliation in the workplace do not need to accept the situation and continue working under adverse condition. Federal laws provide a way for employees to seek legal relief.

In many cases, it is necessary to file an administrative complaint to give an employer the opportunity to correct their errors. If a complaint fails to produce a satisfactory result, then a Charlottesville workplace retaliation lawyer could file a lawsuit seeking all available remedies.

It is a good idea to start collecting evidence to support a retaliation claim as soon as possible. An attorney from our firm could assist you in gathering evidence and preserving it for use in negotiations, administrative complaints, or a lawsuit. As time passes, it can become more difficult to obtain evidence of your employer’s retaliatory action.

When you take a stand against retaliation, you can make the workplace better for yourself and others. To learn more about how a workplace retaliation attorney could help you obtain a favorable outcome, call now and schedule a free consultation with a professional legal advocate from our firm.