Arlington Veterans’ Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

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Unfortunately, some business owners retaliate against employees for fulfilling their military obligations. Employer retaliation on the basis of a worker’s military status is considered an unlawful business practice and may warrant legal action.

Employees who face retaliation for being members of the armed forces, for requesting reasonable accommodations for service-connected injuries, or for being deployed on active duty service should consult with an employment law attorney. An Arlington veterans’ workplace retaliation lawyer could help an aggrieved servicemember recover their damages and obtain other legal remedies.

Characterizing Employer Retaliation

Federal and state employment laws protect current and former servicemembers from illegal retaliation in the workplace, although it is not always easy to detect. It is important to look at a case as a whole in order to determine whether an employed veteran is facing illegal retaliation.

For instance, if an employee is given shortened hours to work or unfavorable assignments after informing their boss of a military, that could be a sign of retaliation. Unexpected disciplinary action, company-wide benefits denials issued to employed veterans, or poor performance reviews can also indicate that an employee is facing illegal retaliation.

An experienced Arlington veterans’ employer retaliation attorney may be able to discern whether a worker has been subjected to actionable retaliation and take legal action on their behalf in order to recover their damages.

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994, or USERRA, protects the employment rights of current and former servicemembers. In some situations, USERRA requires business owners to reinstate workers to their jobs after they complete fulfil their military obligations. USERRA also provides protection from workplace discrimination on the basis of an employee’s military status.

When an employer violates a worker’s USERRA rights, the employee may file a complaint through the US Department of Labor’s Veterans Employment and Training Service. This agency may attempt to negotiate a settlement if it believes a violation of a veteran’s employment rights has occurred.

An employee may also file a lawsuit against their boss in federal court to enforce their USERRA rights. A servicemembers’ workplace retaliation lawyer in Arlington could help pursue a legal claim for compensation and other relief such as reinstatement or promotion on behalf of a claimant. It is important to note that it is also illegal for business owners to retaliate against an employee who attempts to enforce their rights under USERRA.

Speak with an Arlington Veterans’ Workplace Retaliation Attorney Today

Those who face workplace retaliation because of their military status are entitled to seek the full protection of the law. However, it may be necessary to initiate a formal complaint through a government agency or file a lawsuit in federal court.

If you faced unlawful disciplinary action at work on the basis of your military status, call an Arlington veterans’ workplace retaliation lawyer now for an initial consultation. Calling our firm today could help protect your future and the rights of other employed veterans, so do not hesitate to reach out.