Arlington At-Will Employment Lawyer

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At-will employment is defined by state law as the implied relationship between any employer and employee. It means either party can leave the arrangement at any time for almost any reason. In other words, neither party has to provide a reason for removing somebody or terminating their own employment.

However, there are several exceptions to either party’s ability to exit the agreement, which is defined by statutes at the state, local, and national levels. An Arlington at-will employment lawyer could help you understand relevant exemptions and regulations for your situation. You can reach out to a skilled employment law attorney from our qualified legal team to have your questions answered.

What is an At-Will Agreement?

Usually, a person’s employer has them sign an at-will agreement during the hiring process, although it is not necessary to create an at-will employment relationship. In order to avoid miscommunication, misunderstandings, or just to be overprotective of their own legal rights, business owners may have employees sign an agreement at the beginning of or at some point during their employment to acknowledge that they are an at-will worker.

Arlington employers want to make sure that a worker is aware of their rights. That means that an employee is typically made aware that they can leave at any time and that their employer can terminate their employment essentially for any reason, except for a few protected factors. For example, a business owner may not terminate a worker on the basis of discrimination, whistleblowing, or refusing to participate in unlawful employment practices. If you believe that your boss engaged in unlawful workplace discrimination when terminating you, you should consider speaking with an Arlington at-will employment attorney.

Identifying whether You Are an At-Will Employee

Someone is presumed to be an at-will employee unless they have a document that says otherwise. However, federal workers are generally not considered at-will employees. The federal government does need a reason to take action against an individual to remove them from their position. Other than that, if a person is not working for the federal government or has a contract that specifically states the terms of their employment, then they would be an at-will employee. Those who are uncertain about their working status should enlist the services of a diligent at-will employment lawyer in Arlington.

Rights of an At-Will Worker

In an at-will employment arrangement, an employee has the right to leave at any point for any reason, and there is nothing their employer can do to prevent it. It might burn some bridges if a worker tells their employer that they are just walking out of the job, but that is a protected employment right that they may exercise at any time. Employees also have a right to not be discriminated against on the basis of race, age, sex, gender, or family responsibilities.

Get in Touch with an Arlington At-Will Employment Attorney Today

The greatest benefit of retaining an employment attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm is having access to their wealth of knowledge and experience to benefit your case. The standard for at-will employment is that business owner can remove a person for any reason, but they cannot terminate them for discriminatory reasons. Analyzing your employer’s behavior and identifying whether any discrimination took place can be made easier with the help of an Arlington at-will employment lawyer. Reach out to our firm to learn more about your legal options from a well-versed professional.