Anne Arundel County Wage Theft Lawyer

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Wage theft could occur in many fashions. If you do not receive compensation on time, your job makes you work off the clock or without proper overtime, your management is taking some of your tips for themselves, or if your boss has threatened to call immigration when you question how much they are paying, you may have suffered from wage theft.

In these and many other situations, it may be beneficial for you to call an Anne Arundel County wage theft lawyer. A dedicated employment attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm could champion your case and fight to protect your wage rights.

The Basics of Wage Theft in Anne Arundel County

Wage theft occurs any time a business or person fails to pay wages or other compensation that someone is due. While no single law forbids wage theft, numerous civil and criminal laws may apply to a particular situation.

Wage theft is a severe problem in Anne Arundel County and throughout Maryland. If you are concerned about possible wage theft that you have experienced, getting held from a skilled attorney from Anne Arundel County could be crucial.

Wage theft cases can arise from many different situations such as:

  • Unpaid wages, tips, commissions or bonuses
  • Overtime violations
  • Failure to pay wages on time
  • Punitive or unauthorized deductions from pay
  • Refusal to pay after separation
  • An incorrect rate of pay
  • Threats to contact immigration authorities or law enforcement
  • Retaliation for questioning pay rates or practices

In some instances, these problems can be the result of an employer’s incompetence or mistakes. Other times, they are part of a deliberate attempt to cut corners at the expense of workers. No matter the specific details of your wage theft case, a hard-working Anne Arundel County wage theft lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could help you build file a case against those responsible.

Laws Addressing Wage Theft

As mentioned previously, many laws may play into an attempt to contest wage theft in Anne Arundel County. As an example, the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets a minimum wage and requires overtime pay for many workers. When an employer violates FLSA regulations, they may have to pay back wages and other damages to workers whom it has failed to pay correctly.

For employees in Anne Arundel County, the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law (MWPCL) is a state law that sets out how employers must pay wages. It should also be noted that the Maryland Lien for Unpaid Wages law can be an essential tool when an employer fails to pay someone properly. These and other laws require specific formal procedures and have strict associated time limits, so if you wish to pursue a claim for unpaid wages effectively, you should consider retaining an adept wage theft attorney in Anne Arundel County as soon as possible.

Ways an Anne Arundel County Wage Theft Attorney Could Help Combat Wage Theft

Depending on the circumstances, an attorney could help advance your wage theft case making a demand for payment on the employer, filing a complaint with the Department of Labor or other government agencies, or even filing a lawsuit in federal court when the situation justifies it. Prior to this, they could set out options you could use to address wage theft and help you decide what actions to take.

Hiring capable and accomplished legal counsel from the Spiggle Law firm may be critical when it comes to dealing with wage theft or other workplace problems effectively. Employment issues can be complicated, so do not make the mistake of trying to fight for your rights on your own. Contact an Anne Arundel County wage theft lawyer from our team today to learn more about your options, or click here to use our no-cost online case review tool.