Anne Arundel County Severance Agreements Lawyer

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Losing a job can be even more stressful if your employer is dangling severance pay in front of you in exchange for signing a severance agreement. You may need that severance pay or other benefits, but if you do not understand the implications of the agreement, you may not be prepared to protect your best interests.

Severance agreements are often one-sided and written with the employer’s interested in mind, not yours. Anyone signing a severance agreement may need to talk to an experienced employment attorney to understand what rights they are giving up and what their legal options may be. For help with these and other concerns, an Anne Arundel County severance agreements lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could help.

Reasons to Get Legal Help with Severance Agreements

If you are considering a severance agreement, you likely have many questions that a lawyer could help answer. Before signing, you should consider issues like:

  • How much severance pay will you get
  • Tax implications of severance pay or benefits
  • How the agreement could affect jobs in the future
  • Possibility for a better deal
  • Legal claims such as pay or discrimination violations
  • Rights waived by signing

Getting help immediately and before signing could help you avoid costly future problems. Even if you have already signed, guidance from an Anne Arundel County severance agreements attorney could still be beneficial.

Ways to Approach Severance Agreements

At their heart, most severance agreements are a promise from the employee not to sue for anything that relates to their work in exchange for severance pay and/or other things of value. Some people may believe that they are fortunate to receive anything at all when faced with losing their jobs. However, in addition to potentially giving up valuable legal rights, severance agreements can be unfavorable in other ways.

In most instances, you should refrain from signing the agreement as presented and consider getting legal advice so you can assess whether the agreement aligns with your interests. Some situations may call for a careful review and consultation regarding the agreement, while in others an attorney could help negotiate a better agreement. In certain cases, a lawyer in Anne Arundel County may advise pursuing legal claims against your employer rather than accepting a severance agreement.


A skilled attorney’s careful review of a severance agreement could be valuable for even the most benign agreements. They could advise you about precisely what to expect following termination, tax-implications of severance pay, ways to minimize the impact of severance, and other significant matters. A professional review could also help you decide whether to seek to negotiate better terms or take other actions.

Negotiation and Litigation

A qualified legal representative could identify the strengths of your position and recommend ways to improve a bad or unfair severance package. If you believe that an employer terminated you because of discrimination, retaliation, or other illegal reasons, you may want to consider pursuing a legal claim or claims instead of accepting a severance agreement and losing the right to sue. A lawyer could investigate potential claims and advise you about the strengths and weakness of your case.

Getting Help from an Anne Arundel County Severance Agreements Attorney

If your employer has presented a severance agreement to sign, you should not assume that it is the best deal you can get. Take the time to seek out legal help from an Anne Arundel County severance agreements lawyer so that you have a better understanding of your severance agreement and an opportunity to consider your options. For more information about options available to you, get in touch with the Spiggle Law Firm through our free online case review tool.