Anne Arundel County Non-Solicitation Agreements Lawyer

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If a prospective or current employer told you that you have to sign a non-solicitation agreement, or a past employer is trying to enforce an agreement against you, it may be wise to get legal guidance from an Anne Arundel County non-solicitation agreements lawyer.

With the help of a seasoned employment attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm, you could better understand the agreement and consider ways to keep it from harming you now or in the future. Your legal counsel could review the document in question, advise about how it may affect you, and suggest ways to protect your interests.

The Basics of Non-Solicitation Agreements

Non-solicitation agreements are a common type of contract through which an employer seeks to limit an employee’s ability to do business with customers or clients of the company following the end of the employment relationship. These agreements often also include an agreement not to recruit co-workers after leaving the company. A variety of businesses use non-solicitation agreements, but they are most common in sales or service industries where firms compete for a limited base of customers or clients.

Employers justify non-solicitation agreements as being necessary to prevent employees from taking their customers or other employees if they move on to work for a competitor. Employees, however, have the right to advance their careers. In the event of termination, a non-solicitation agreement should never hinder you from getting a new job.

Many non-solicitation agreements are carefully written to protect the employer’s legitimate business interests. Too often, however, agreements are unreasonable and one-sided. When a covenant is overly restrictive or impairs your ability to earn a living, it may not be enforceable.

Reasons to Be Concerned About Non-Solicitation Agreements

Anyone considering a non-solicitation agreement could benefit from making sure that they understand the implications of the agreement for their present and future job security and livelihood. Even if they have already signed a contract, getting legal advice may provide meaningful guidance.

It is essential to note whether an agreement will keep you from taking a better paying job in the future. An Anne Arundel County attorney who understands the laws governing non-solicitation agreements could help determine this as well as other details.

Enforceability of Non-Solicitation Agreements

In Anne Arundel County, non-solicitation agreements are generally enforceable only when they are reasonable and necessary to protect a legitimate business interest of an employer. Restriction of unfair competition would validate a non-solicitation agreement. Unfair competition could include the use of client lists, customer routes, and other advantageous trade secrets.

The other side of the question of enforceability of a non-solicitation agreement is whether it imposes an undue hardship on the employees. When an agreement is drafted in a way that does not overly restrict the employee’s ability to pursue employment in their chosen field, a court would be more likely to allow the restriction to stand. For more information about non-solicitation agreements, contact a dedicated lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm.

Get Legal Help from an Anne Arundel County Non-Solicitation Agreements Attorney

If an employer has asked you to sign an agreement you do not fully understand, you should consider getting guidance from a skilled employment lawyer. If you get legal advice at this stage, you may avoid costly problems in the future. A legal representative could also help you address concerns and propose beneficial changes to the agreement.

On the other hand, if an ex-employer threatens legal action based on an agreement you signed in the past, you may need legal help immediately. The advice and intervention of a lawyer who understands employment litigation in Anne Arundel County could prove critical to protecting your interests.

Call now to get more information about ways a qualified Anne Arundel County non-solicitation agreement lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could help you address your legal concerns. Alternatively, click here to receive a no-cost online case review.