Alexandria Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

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Most Americans spend the majority of their week in the workplace. Whether in an office, a kitchen, a school, or on a construction site, millions of workers could conceivably call their place of employment their home away from home.

Unfortunately, when tension at work occurs, that sense of comfort could quickly disappear. Any time you assert your rights and face retaliation from your employer or colleagues, you have the right to defend yourself with legal action.

If you are experiencing the negative impact of workplace retaliation and are unsure of where to turn, consider reaching out to an experienced attorney at the Spiggle Law Firm for help. A qualified Alexandria workplace retaliation lawyer could offer you valuable insight into your rights and help you determine whether to take legal action.

Protected Activities

Federal laws prohibit workplace discrimination, as well as workplace retaliation in the face of a protected activity. The term protected activity refers to anything that could be seen as problematic by employers but is nevertheless allowed for by the law.

Protected activities are designed to allow employees to come forward honestly and not fear negative consequences for telling the truth. Designed to increase transparency and protect workers across industries, these regulations help to ensure a relatively fair playing field regardless of your role in the company at which you work.

For example, if you notice a safety risk in the workplace and point it out to your supervisor, you may not legally be punished or retaliated against by managers or peers. Addressing unsafe working conditions with a supervisor, a union, or another appropriate organization is protected by law.

Similarly, supervisors may not retaliate against you if you come forward after a workplace injury. While it might be easier for employers to simply fire an injured worker after an accident instead of paying the workers’ compensation, doing so is illegal.

Recourse After Retaliation

Even when retaliation is illegal, employers still often opt to punish workers for speaking up. If this happens to you, you have the option of filing a formal complaint with the government. You may also file a civil lawsuit with the help of a workplace retaliation attorney in Alexandria.

While evidence of the retaliation could help to bolster your case, you could alternatively leave the determination up to the associated government agency. So long as you reasonably believe you were wrongfully targeted, you may pursue legal action under federal and state law.

Complaints filed with government agencies will be investigated, and in some cases, peaceful discussions between you and your employer may occur. Depending on the circumstances, you may be awarded compensation for losses stemming from the maltreatment you suffered. These damages may include lost wages, legal fees, and other losses directly caused by your employer’s retaliatory action.

Contact an Alexandria Workplace Retaliation Attorney Today

No matter what led to you being targeted, nobody deserves to be retaliated against in the workplace just for exercising their rights. Call an Alexandria workplace retaliation lawyer at the Spiggle Law Firm as soon as possible to begin building your claim.

Hold law-breaking employers responsible for their actions and ensure other workers are not shouldering similar punishments for speaking up. Get the help you need today by scheduling your confidential consultation with a compassionate attorney—and in the meantime, see how your case may be worth by using our Case Assessment Calculator.