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We live in a world where discrimination is woefully still prevalent in society. While it is impossible to prevent every instance of discrimination, there are laws in effect that prohibit discrimination in the workplace.

The Spiggle Law Firm has a dedicated group of Alexandria workplace discrimination lawyers who possess a strong understanding of employment law that has developed over years of practice in this area. We want to use our knowledge and understanding to help you with every aspect of your workplace discrimination case.

Understanding Discrimination Law

Discrimination on the basis of protected characteristic—including age, nationality, disability, race, color, religion, sex, gender or pregnancy—is prohibited under federal law. Workplace discrimination often involves unwelcome conduct or unfair treatment as the direct result of an employee’s membership in one of the aforementioned protected classes.

The characteristics of the victim and the allegedly liable party are irrelevant in determining accountability, meaning the person or parties responsible for discrimination could potentially be members of the same race or gender or share other protected traits as the victim. Furthermore, discrimination can occur in response to your own individual characteristics or those of your spouse or another affiliate.

Employment Discrimination

The law in Alexandria prohibits discrimination of any kind during the course of or in the context of your employment. Discriminatory practices can emerge in the form of promotions, pay cuts, training opportunities, benefits, or job duties.

Preserving clear documentation of any correspondence and communication between you and the allegedly discriminating party can be the most effective way to show that discrimination has occurred. Discrimination should not, however, be confused with disciplinary action on the job. The law does not provide protections for demotions or other punishments imposed as a consequence for poor work performance.

Discrimination in Hiring Practices

Refusing to hire someone because of their membership in a protected class is impermissible. Prospective employers are subject to the same discrimination laws that employers are, which means in certain circumstances you may have an actionable discrimination claim before you are actually hired.

Qualifying for Anti-Discrimination Protections

Federal discrimination laws typically apply to employers with more than 15 or 20 employees. However, if you work at a smaller company in Alexandria, you may have recourse under the Virginia Human Rights Act, an anti-discrimination statute that applies to employers who have between 6 and 14 employees.

Discrimination in Termination of Employment

Discrimination is the basis of many wrongful termination lawsuits. Although the state of Virginia is an “at-will” employment jurisdiction, employers in Alexandria are never legally permitted to implement or carry out discriminatory firing practices. Discrimination is one of the exceptions to the employment at-will principle that an employee can be terminated for any reason.

Retaliatory termination is also covered by discrimination laws. Employers who terminate you in response to you filing or participating as a witness in a discrimination claim or refusing to engage in discriminatory practices will likely violate discrimination laws.

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Our workplace discrimination attorneys in Alexandria are experienced at filing claims with the both the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) and the Division of Human Rights (DHR) in Virginia. We could help you determine whether your case falls under state or federal jurisdiction and file your claim with the appropriate agency accordingly.

If you believe you have a viable claim for discrimination, do not stay silent. The Spiggle Law Firm is available to answer all your questions about workplace discrimination in Alexandria, and a skilled Alexandria workplace discrimination lawyer from our firm could work with you to build the strongest case possible. Click here for a free online case review from one of our attorneys. You can also click here to use our Case Assessment Calculator to find out how much your case could be worth.