Alexandria Severance Agreements Lawyer

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It is an all-too-common scene: after years of good performance and loyal service for their employer, an employee is handed a severance agreement to sign. Typically, the agreement involves payment of a lump sum in exchange for waiving all rights to file suit against the employer.

If this has happened to you, you may want to consider seeking legal advice from an Alexandria severance agreements lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm instead of signing right away. Even if you have already signed an agreement, a qualified employment attorney could review your circumstances and suggest options for proceeding that might benefit you.

Reasons to Consult a Severance Agreements Attorney

By getting legal advice prior to signing off on a severance package, you may be able to better understand the rights they are giving up and what beneficial changes to the agreement may be possible. As part of this, a severance agreements lawyer in Alexandria could advise about whether you have grounds for any legal claims, such as a discrimination lawsuit, that you may be giving up.

Furthermore, you may need to understand how a severance agreement may affect things like vested benefits, continuation of insurance coverage, or availability of unemployment compensation. An attorney could also advise you about whether a severance agreement may affect your ability to get another job, such as when there is a non-compete agreement in place.

In some situations, skilled lawyers may even be able to improve the agreement, either with better compensation or through changes to its terms. Depending on the circumstances, an individual attorney could coach you through this process from the background, or they could become more formally involved and directly negotiate with the company offering the severance package.

Getting Better Terms in a Severance Agreement

An employer might agree to improve the sums that it pays in severance agreement for a number of reasons. For example, a long-term employee in Alexandria with strong connections to the company may be able to appeal for better compensation in a severance package based on their longevity. Alternatively, an employer may further compensate an employee who is giving up legitimate legal claims for violations of employment laws once legal counsel presents those claims.

Severance pay can be made in a lump sum all at once or in the form of salary continuation over a period of time. If payment is made over time as salary continuation, you may be able to continue receiving certain benefits such as medical insurance. Similarly, if you are close to vesting in a pension plan, a severance agreement could set out the timing of termination in a way that preserves that benefit.

Protecting Future Employment

The first concern of many employees facing severance is getting another job. An experienced Alexandria severance agreements attorney could work to help you protect your future employment prospects.

While most employers agree to provide a neutral reference upon request, you want to negotiate for a mutually agreed-upon letter of reference that may help with future job applications. If a severance agreement contains a non-disparagement clause, it may also be wise to make sure it is mutual and prevents the employer from disparaging or providing negative information about you as a terminated employee.

Non-compete agreements can also present problems for employees looking for their next job. An employee facing termination needs to be confident that they will be able to continue their career without unfair restrictions. So, if a non-compete agreement unfairly or unlawfully restrains your ability to make a living, your Alexandria severance agreement lawyer could attempt to negotiate better terms.

Let a Severance Agreements Lawyer from Alexandria Help

Most severance agreements are one-sided documents, written to protect the employer much more than the employee. The possible improvements listed here are just a few ways that an attorney experienced with negotiating severance agreements could help.

If your employer has given you a severance agreement to sign, getting individualized guidance from the Spiggle Law Firm could help level the playing field. Your Alexandria severance agreements lawyer could review your agreement, advise you about your rights and possible claims, and suggest actions that you could take to protect your rights or obtain a better severance package. Contact us today for more information, or click here to get a case review for free right in your browser.