Alexandria FMLA and Leave Discrimination Lawyer

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Having to miss work—either for celebrating a new life or dealing with a serious illness—can be stressful enough without having to worry about whether your job will be available to you afterward. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993 grants eligible employees with certain protection against such treatment.

If you were out of work recently and suspect that your employer may have discriminated against you or your right to leave under the FMLA, contact an Alexandria FMLA and leave discrimination lawyer with the Spiggle Law Firm to begin discussing your legal options. Call one of our experienced attorneys today to get started on your case.

FMLA Eligibility

To be eligible for FMLA protections under the law, you must fit a couple different criteria. First, your employer must have at least 50 employees who work in an area within a 75-mile radius. In other words, companies with offices in multiple states will not qualify unless those offices have more than 50 people working in them individually.

Second, you must have worked for their current employer for at least one full year. Within that year of employment, the employee must also have worked for at least 1,250 hours.

Leave Provided by the FMLA

The FMLA is designed to provide leave from work for medical or family emergency situations. These may include the birth of a child, the adoption or fostering of a child, the employee falling seriously ill and becoming unable to work, complications related to a close relative’s active-duty military status, or the employee needing to care of a close family member’s sudden serious illness.

For all these situations, the FMLA guarantees 12 weeks of leave during each 12-month period. An exception to this rule is when you are a close relative or next-of-kin to a member of the United States armed forces who has fallen seriously ill. In that case, the FMLA allows up to 26 weeks of leave. For more information, contact an Alexandria FMLA and leave discrimination lawyer.

Ways Employers Discriminate

Your employer may be liable for discrimination against you under the FMLA in a variety of ways. One of the most common is disallowing the benefits awarded by the FMLA and failing to give you the required amount of leave for covered situations. Your employer also may outright fire you instead of providing the necessary leave, which is also against the law.

Finally, employers may engage in retaliation against you for taking FMLA leave by making a hostile working environment or by shutting you off from work or hours after the leave is over. Retaliation is also prohibited by the FMLA and could be grounds for seeking recompense.

Talk to an Alexandria FMLA and Leave Discrimination Attorney Today

If you feel that you were discriminated against for taking FMLA leave, or outright denied the benefits given to you by law, then contacting an Alexandria FMLA and leave discrimination lawyer may be the best way to make sure your rights are protected.

It is the responsibility of all eligible employers to provide FMLA leave to their employees. An experienced attorney may be able to help you gather evidence for your claim and could advise you on the proper method for seeking legal recovery. Call the Spiggle Law Firm today to schedule a consultation and get a quick estimate of your case’s potential value with our Case Assessment Calculator.