Is It Worth It?

Deciding whether or not to take legal action against an employer is not an easy decision. This page will help you decide if it’s worth it and what course of action is best for you.

Three Things You Can Do Right Now.
  1. Be clear about your objectives. Do you want a trial or just a better severance offer?
  2. If you are not certain what your objectives are, do some research. Find out what verdicts and settlement values are for your type of claim. The website,, can help.
  3. Consider submitting your information for a No Cost Online Review with a lawyer to find out about what your options are. Doing your own research is a good start, but talking to a lawyer is the best way to learn about the range of possibilities in your area.
Employment Law for Women How To Protect Your Employment Law Rights

Learn how to:

- Identify the laws that apply to your situation
- Take action to maximize severance value
- Find the best lawyer for your case

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