25: Physician Dads

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Today’s guests, Drs. Steve Silvestro and George “Chaucer” Hwang discuss a variety of shifts and systems within the medical profession that are affecting the lives of physician parents. Both guests embody an array of roles – Dr. Steve is a pediatrician, bone marrow harvesting physician, mindfulness educator and host of the award-winning podcast, The Child Repair Guide, while George is an anesthesiologist, runs an entertainment company in China, and works with a clinic focused on treating depression. Yet above all else, both guests are dads doing their best to juggle their passion for helping others, nurturing creative outlets, and being a parent.

Join Tom Spiggle and co-host Lori Mihalich-Levin in this conversation to learn more about how juggling medical residency with parenthood children, the vitality of a support group, how the internet is impacting the medical field, and so much more.


Steve Silvestro, MD

Pediatrician and Host of The Child Repair Guide Podcast

Dr. George Chaucer Hwang


Show Highlights

  • Steve’s personal parent working story and how he prepared
  • How residency can affect having children
  • George’s personal working story and how he balanced other passions
  • What it’s like to be a dad in medicine and the shift in wellness occurring in the field
  • Beneficial workplace supports that Steve and George experienced
  • The impact of environment and having close friends within the work place
  • Systems the medical field could improve to support working parents
  • How telemedicine is affecting physician parents – and all parents
  • Optimizing time spent with your kids
  • Learning to manage finances in a way that supports priorities
  • Finding a balance between striving for more and accepting what is


“In medicine you’re seeing, often times, the worst possible scenario for everything” – Steve

“I was used to not getting much sleep so that made things easier” – Steve

“I mean the really hard part is the unpredictability of when you’ll get out of work” – George

“Being a working dad who’s divorced and splitting time with the kids changes everything. It really kind of made me hyper-focused on the parenting side of things” – George

“In the medical profession, traditions are very important” – George

“Kids know that you’re hopefully doing something good” – Steve

“Scheduling is one of the top stresses in my life” – George

“There should be a little more flexibility in a private practice. But at the same time, because it’s small, the revenue that comes in is based on you being there, which makes it a little hard to take the time off when the baby first comes” – Steve

“The abundance of information that we have, the ability for anybody to be an expert and proclaim themselves as such, has a huge impact on parents’’confidence in raising their kids” – Steve

“You learn in med school you can make a diagnosis based on history alone 80% of the time” – Steve

“Whatever time I spend with the kids is never wasted” – George

“Financial independence allows you time to spend on things you want to spend it on” – George

“You have to parent the kid that you have as opposed to the kid you wish you had” – Steve

“Our kids are learning, but we’re learning too” – Steve

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25: Physician Dads

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25: Physician Dads

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25: Physician Dads

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25: Physician Dads

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