24: Physician Moms

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Being a mom in the medical field comes with its own unique rewards, but also its own challenges. Today, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine and Medical Director, Dr. Nawal Johansen, shares her experience of being a working parent in the clinical field. She describes many of the challenges mothers face in finding time to have children in the midst of a challenging career and how to navigate time windows as efficiently as possible. This episode dianabol 20 is full of tangible advice on how to practice compassion towards yourself and others that parents in any work field can benefit from. Join Lori Mihalich-Levin in this episode for authentic insights on being a physician mom.

Dr. Nawal Atwan Johansen

Clinical Associate Professor, Stanford Medicine

Show Highlights

  • Nawal’s working parent story
  • What it’s like to be a mom in medicine
  • Knowledge gained from parenthood that is applicable to medicine
  • Helpful programs and systems for transitioning into parenthood
  • Establishing your value in the workplace to allow flexibility in your schedule
  • Navigating time to pump during windows between work
  • Finding the courage to ask for help and get a parent support group
  • Struggles of having children during residency
  • How the health care system is evolving to keep physicians fulfilled and avoid burnout
  • Allowing yourself grace and space for gratitude
  • Resources to survive life as a working parent
  • Ways to practice self-compassion and mindfulness
  • Advice to avoid unnecessary technology use
  • Ways to carve a career path that support the life you want


“I am a happier person being a mother and a physician”

“Finding time to have children is a matter of how to fit it into your career”

“Most people who enter medicine are in medicine for the long-term”

“A lot of patients’ medical problems stem from social issues or the meaning behind their well-being, home life, and relationship with their families”

“If you continue to show your value, there are other ways to structure your work so that there is some flexibility when also wanting to care for your child”

“The reality is [pumping] is tiresome, and it’s a very big challenge when you’re working full time. But it’s extremely rewarding to be able to offer that to your child”

“I think the number one piece of advice is ‘be kind to yourself’”

“In order to give compassion, you also have to show self-compassion”

“I try to train myself to put my phone down when my son is at home”

“You can carve your own path, and you can imagine a work schedule or career that fits your family and your professional life”

“There’s so much meaning in having a family and you deserve to enjoy that as well”

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24: Physician Moms

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24: Physician Moms

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24: Physician Moms

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24: Physician Moms

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