23: Accountant Dads

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Being a dad in the accounting industry looks different for everyone. With different roles and different types of employers, some accountants are in the office all day, while others work remotely or from client sites.

Today’s guests, Kevin Stout and Jevon Knowles, talk about the benefits, flexibility, and struggles of being a working parent as an accountant. With over 18 years of experience in different positions, Kevin has a unique take on how to prioritize family and create a strong workplace culture. Javon’s position as an audit partner at BDO has also allowed him to give insightful
advice on how to optimize so-called “work-life balance.”

Join Tom Spiggle and co-host Lori Mihalich-Levin in this interview for an array of diverse and tangible tips.

Kevin M. Stout

Google Internal Controls, SOX, and Compliance Senior Manager

Jevon Knowles

Assurance Partner; Chicago Office Nonprofit and Healthcare Practice Leader

Show Highlights

– Kevin and Javon’s personal working parent stories
– What it’s like to be a dad in the accounting industry
– The importance of integrating family into the workplace
– Building stability and support in order to have a successful working parent career
– Creating flexibility in roles to accommodate circumstances
– Evaluating delaying parenthood to establish a successful career
– How the profession has shifted throughout the past few years
– The benefits of networking with other working parents
– How accountant shortages are affecting employers’ approach to recruiting and retaining working parents
– The impact of technology within accounting and family life
– Resources and technology to improve work and parenting
– Finding balance in your priorities
– Optimizing resources to have difficult conversations with your children

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23: Accountant Dads

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23: Accountant Dads

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23: Accountant Dads

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23: Accountant Dads

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