22: Accountant Moms

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What is the life of a parent accountant like? While public accounting may offer an array of benefits, such as a flexible schedule and paid parental leave, there are also struggles and client demands that accompany work in this profession. This episode explores what it looks like to be a mom in the accounting field with working parents, Jennifer Todling and Aneika Perez.

Both Jennifer and Anika are employees of Ernst & Young and have an abundance of tangible advice for working mothers, no matter where you work. Join Tom Spiggle and co-host Lori Mihalich-Levin in this conversation as they dive into the importance of self-care, developing self-awareness and the emotional identity transition of becoming a working mom.

Aneika Perez

Managing Director at EY and Conscious Coach

Jennifer L. Todling

Assurance Partner, EY

Show Highlights

– Jennifer and Aneika’s working parent stories
– What it’s like to be a parent in the accounting industry
– Shifting with the unpredictability and flexibility of accounting and parenthood
– Releasing yourself of the “should’s” and creating an encouraging community within the work place
– Support systems that are helpful for parents within accounting
– The importance of self-discovery and establishing a relationship with yourself
– Navigating the transition and emotions of coming back to work as a new parent
– The impact of having a support system and lactation support
– Embracing changes within the industry and staying connected
– Letting go of expectations and allowing things to unfold organically
– Resources that enhance the working-parent experience, including transition coaching
– How to use time blocking successfully

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22: Accountant Moms

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22: Accountant Moms

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22: Accountant Moms

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22: Accountant Moms

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