21: Moms in the Tech Sector

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Today’s episode dives behind the scenes of the lives of three moms in the Tech industry. As parents and career-oriented women, Henri Loh, Shadiah Sigala, and Vanessa Loder have a lot on their plates. As entrepreneurs in Tech and leaders of parent groups, each woman has a unique experience to share in this interview. Henri, Shadiah, and Vanessa reveal shifts happening in the current workplace and take a look at how the structures reflect on moms and dads.

In this episode, they discuss the importance of establishing fundamental paid parental leave policies, and the necessity of childcare support. Join Tom Spiggle and co-host Lori Mihalich-Levin in this episode to learn more about what it’s like to be a mother in the Tech industry, and how the tech industry is innovating in the working parent space.

Vanessa Loder

Women's Leadership Expert, Co-Founder Parents in Tech Alliance

Henri Loh

Lead of Airbnb Parents@ (ERG group)

Shadiah Sigala

CEO of Kinside

Show Highlights

  • Experiences as a working parent and the life transitions that take place balancing work and parenthood
  • What inspired Shadiah and Vanessa to co-found their own businesses
  • Putting policies in place to support parents and what it’s like to be a mom in the tech sector
  • Examining current systems and the core changes that need to be changed to support caregivers equally
  • The most beneficial support systems put in place when returning to work
  • Forming support groups for new parents and making sure their needs are heard
  • Changes that are happening in the tech industry that are impacting working parents
  • Putting more women in leadership roles and measuring success of initiatives
  • Dealing with caregiver discrimination
  • Establishing the support needed within your work place and maintaining your identity
  • How fathers taking time off is activism and changes work place culture
  • What it means to manage your spoons
  • Tools to bring more calmness into everyday life


“The one thing we were really missing as a company was supporting our parents in childcare” – Shadiah

“The default for childcare and going back to work in our country feels very broken” – Vanessa

“You shouldn’t have to win the manager lottery to have a good experience as a working parent” – Vanessa

“The work place, as it exists, is simply not built for working parents, and certainly not for working moms” – Shadiah

“I’m really hoping paid family leave will become universal” – Shadiah

“Whatever the amount of support you think you need is, triple it, and that’s the amount of support you probably need” – Henri

“I don’t think we can truly make change until we are understood” – Henri

“The diversity with transparency is pushing us all to do what’s right” – Henri

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21: Moms in the Tech Sector

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21: Moms in the Tech Sector

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21: Moms in the Tech Sector

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21: Moms in the Tech Sector

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