20: Dads in Tech

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Technology has changed the way we parent in the modern world, but how does it impact parents in the tech sector? Today’s guests, Matt Burke, member of the programs team at Thumbtack and founder of the parent resource group, along with Hugh Molotsi, founder of Ujama, both share their experiences as working parents within the tech industry and advice to fully lean into the working fatherhood experience.

Hugh and Matt discuss the challenges all parents have, the positive impact of organizational support, and how to build a community of uplifting parents. Join Tom Spiggle and co-host Lori Mihalich-Levin in this interview to learn more about how the tech sector is leading the way in supporting working parents, and how you can use technology to enhance your life as a working parent.

Hugh Molotsi

CEO and Founder, Ujama Inc.

Matt Burke

People Programs at Thumbtack

Show Highlights

· Matt’s experience as a working parent and building a vulnerable space for parents in the workplace
· What being a working parent has looked like for Hugh’s career and how he made changes to be a more involved parent
· What it’s like to currently be a dad in the Tech industry
· Being an example to coworkers to demonstrate prioritizing parenting
· Utilizing resources and creating a company culture that acknowledges individuals
· Taking advantage of company benefits and giving yourself permission to lean into resources
· Creating a community for yourself and systems that are beneficial to implement for working parents
· Why on-site daycare is something organizations should incorporate
· Making mindful choices and accepting your choices without comparison
· Changes occurring in the tech industry that are affecting working parents
· How technology can build communities and bring parents together
· Addressing the trickle-down effect of mental health for parents and employees
· Being vulnerable and communicating with other parents to build support
· Helpful resources and tangible advice to have a better parenting experience
· The shift in expectations for modern parenthood


“Something I would hope to be able to give my future family is to be able to have a parent at home” – Hugh

“Many parents don’t have extended family support and it’s very difficult to get your children to where they need to be” – Hugh

“As dads in tech and leaders that are dads, demonstrate by living by example and really bring that to life” – Matt

“I came back from each of my leaves expecting the worst” – Matt

“Even before I became a parent myself, there were a lot of discussions about balancing your family life with your work life” – Hugh

“It’s really about how we can start having community engagement when it comes to raising our kids” – Hugh

“My wish for every returning parent is that they can be vulnerable and communicate” – Matt

“There’s always going to be pro’s and con’s to any approach” – Hugh

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20: Dads in Tech

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20: Dads in Tech

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20: Dads in Tech

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20: Dads in Tech

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