Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is harassing someone based on his or her sex. This could include unwanted sexual advances, requesting sexual favors, or any harassment of a sexual nature, be it physical or verbal. It is important to note that offhand comments here and there, while they may not be welcome, can be legal (though certainly improper). What is not legal, however, is when these comments become so frequent that they create a hostile or offensive work environment or when an adverse employment decision is made based on the harassment.

If you are dealing with sexual harassment in your workplace or were recently fired or demoted as a result of sexual harassment, we can help. As one of the largest firms in Virginia that focuses solely on employment law for employees, we have a wealth of experience in fighting workplace harassment. We will work tirelessly as your advocates and advisers to help you stand up for your rights and fight back against illegal discriminatory and harassing practices.

Three Things You Can Do Right Now.
  1. Find out if your employer has a procedure for reporting harassment in the workplace. It might be on the company website. Human Resources will certainly be able to provide it.
  2. If your employer does have a policy for reporting harassment, follow it, even if you believe that it will not make any difference (and you’re probably correct). Federal law often requires that you at least try your company procedures before you can successfully sue.
  3. Hire a lawyer. Seriously. Sexual harassment law is full of land mines for employees. Don’t let the harasser get away with it because of some legal technicality.
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