Parents at Work Podcast

Parents At Work is a podcast for people who want to kick ass at work even though they have kids. Parents are expected to remain high performers at their jobs while going through what can be the mentally and physically punishing work of raising children. Thus, the impetus for this podcast. There has to be a better way than just muscling through it. To that end, we’ll be talking to parents and experts (who may also be parents) about tips, tricks, and mind-sets to teach parents today how to have kids AND keep their mojo at work. See you at the office, bright eyed and bushy tailed!

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I Got Fired!

I Got Fired! Is a podcast for people who have been fired or are afraid they might be. We’ll also discuss other workplace-related topics like non-compete and non-solicitation agreement. Join founder of The Spiggle Law Firm, Tom Spiggle and his partner, Phillis Rambsy as they talk with other attorneys nationwide who focus on representing employees about cutting-edge employment law issues. This podcast is designed for non-lawyers, giving you real-world advice about how to protect your career.

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