Protecting Employees From Wrongful Employment Practices

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Fighting Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

A book for mothers, fathers, and caregivers facing caregiving or pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. In “You’re Pregnant, You’re Fired!” you will learn: • The federal laws (including the Pregnancy Discrimination Act) that protect expecting parents and caregivers • How you can use federal and state laws to get help • When a law applies–and when it doesn’t • How to avoid a lawsuit and still get a positive resolution • Other issues in workplace discrimination including the protection of caregivers

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If you believe you have a wrongful termination claim and are wondering what your case could be worth, we can help. At Spiggle Law, we get this question a lot, which is why we have created the Case Assessment Calculator. This calculator will ask you a host of questions and then analyze the answers to give you a final dollar figure as to your case’s estimated worth.

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